Sheepdog 2021 – Stage 7 “Farrowing Barn Attack”

Pretty much everybody came at this 18 round stage with the same plan, with the only variation being which position was shot first based on the competitors handedness. That mean that the trick to success on this stage was executing the plan smoothly and with a high degree of accuracy.

It goes like this, at the buzzer, run to your support side position of cover (left side for me), and clear your way up to but not including the activated swinger with 9 rounds. Reload as you move to the second point of cover and engage everything up to the swinger with 8 rounds to slide lock. Reload and engage the swingers only.

My version of that plan wasn’t particularly fast, but it was pretty darn accurate only dropping one on the left side out-and-back. Still, I don’t think I was breathing right or the day was starting to catch up to me because I needed a minute to catch my breath at the end of this one, and that surprise me. Luckily the next stage required very little movement, and ended up being one of my best of the match (see Stage 8 – “Carjacked!”).

Yeah, I googled it.
After years of watching Hickok45 videos, it was hard to not shoot the piggies.

Nothing flashy here, slow and steady won the race!


  • Awesome accuracy
  • Excellent tracking of moving targets


  • Moved to first shot quickly.

Needs Work

  • Slightly delayed shot calling
  • Probably could have saved some time limiting extra shots on swingers.
  • Gotta get back in shape!

See anything I need to add to these lists? Let me know!

Special thanks to Walther Arms for being the title sponsor, and Shooters World Powder for sponsoring the stage, adding themselves to a long and distinguished list of Sheepdog CCP Championship Supporters in the process.