Sheepdog 2021 – Stage 8 “Carjacked!”

Rather than drop a whole match video, I thought it might be more conducive to productive discussion if it was covered in smaller chunks, one stage at a time. I had two stage wins at the 2021 Sheepdog CCP Championship, and this was probably the coolest looking of them, although it was won by the smallest margin (nine hundredths of a second).

You don’t get to see the location of the stomp box in the diagram, but otherwise it appears like a pretty straight forward 16 round stage. There are two distinct and equal 8-round arrays making it absolutely perfect for CCP division’s 8+1 capacity.

Click the stage diagram on the right for the full-size image.

My original plan was to run the whole stage Right to Left, activating the moving target as I transitioned from the non-threat obstructed pair to the partial target but when I was explaining that, Ryan told me he needed it simpler, and was going to start with the mover to get it done. When I thought about it, it made a lot more sense to start there. Then I decided to shoot the second array left to right so I wasn’t starting the second magazine off on a partial. It ended up being the rightest decision for me. Here it is.

My Little Red (Mid-Life Crisis) Corvette

There is a lot of stuff here for such a short stage, and while the result was fantastic and I am proud of it, there were some lessons to learn too.


  • Every Shot fired was a Zero (ZDB).
  • Quick sight picture recovery on between the first and second shot on the mover.
  • Solid transitions on open targets
  • Non-traditional reload was smooth and efficient
  • The right plan, well rehearsed.
  • Finished 1st of 197 excellent competitors.


  • Reasonably high pace throughout the stage.
  • Splits were fairly consistent.

Needs Work

  • Everything should have been done a little sooner.
  • Over confirming sight picture on 1st shots of new arrays, and partials.
  • First shot on mover was point-shooting before I had built a sight picture. Still zero but risky.

See anything I need to add to one of these lists? Let me know!

Special thanks to Walther Arms for being the title sponsor, and Daniel Defense for sponsoring the stage, adding themselves to a long and distinguished list of Sheepdog CCP Championship Supporters in the process.