Sheepdog 2021 – Stage 9 “Night-time Home Invasion”

I decided early on that I was going to run the entire stage as it if was dark rather than run the front 6 targets normally and then fumble with a flashlight as I entered the dark room for the last 3 targets.

That part of my plan was fine.

The rest of it was fine too, just not as well-rehearsed as it should have been so when the buzzer went off, the movie in my head was a little different than reality.

This was our first full stage after the warmup drill and I was the last shooter, so I really had no excuse not to have studied foot placement in the walk-through and built a more accurate picture of the plan than I had. That said, I still managed a decent pace and an accurate run, even if I had some minor issues that kept ripping my execution out of my subconscious and forcing me to address them on the fly.

In the end, I finished 17th overall and made no contribution to my points down.

Check out the video below.

My flashlight game is strong!
Point Shooting in the Dark! I feel like that was an 80’s song title…


  • Accuracy was excellent.
  • Flashlight method was aces.


  • Flashlight reloads were okay.

Needs Work

  • Time to first shot from draw with flashlight activation should improve quickly with a little practice.
  • Getting my mental game warmed up before the final buzzer is the way forward.

See anything I need to add to these lists? Let me know!

Special thanks to Walther Arms for being the title sponsor, and Cosaint Arms for being a return support of our beloved Sheepdog CCP Championship.