Sheepdog 2021 – Stage 4 “Hotel Chaos”

This stage was the 7th (of 12) stages on our squad’s rotation which means it was the first stage of the second half of the match. Coming into the match I was concerned about my stamina given my experience at CASA’s Fall Brawl at the end of October but I really shouldn’t have been. If anything, the opposite was true, and I was getting faster and smoother as I warmed up. This was the first stage of the day where I felt really connected to my stage plan and my subconscious skill.

Marksmanship has always been a strength of mine, and while that fact has presented it’s own challenges in my development as a competitor, I’ve always been able to rely on my ability to make the difficult shot if I needed to or if it gave me an opportunity to create some distance between myself and the competition.

This very straightforward stage was an accuracy drill, and a chance to flex my marksmanship muscles. I shot it clean in 14.30 seconds, which won the high overall by 2.26 seconds.

It’s not the most exciting video, but I’m pretty proud of it.

Shoot the targets.


  • Accuracy was on FIRE
  • Shots = Called
  • Visual Patience respected the plan and the difficulty of the shot
  • Plan was to get it done in 17 shots, buying me 2+ seconds to distribute to targets in hundredths at a time


  • Transitions were snappy

Needs Work

  • Draw to first shot should be sooner
  • Reduce the time between shots for the reload
  • Work on transitioning directly between shots I want to take (rather than to the target and then to the zero)

See anything I need to add to these lists? Let me know!

Special thanks to Walther Arms for being the title sponsor, and DG Bullets for sponsoring the stage, adding themselves to a long and distinguished list of Sheepdog CCP Championship Supporters in the process.