Sheepdog 2021 – Stage 3 “Casino Attack”

This was my 4th full stage of the day, and while I was finally getting back in my groove physically, my mental game was still doing it’s morning stretches.

My first shot on this stage was a procedural, but totally according to my plan. I had failed to acknowledge the fault line at POC1, and since I was planning on engaging the first two targets while moving toward POC2, I shot them in order of disappearance. This was totally an analysis error, and the only error I made on the stage. Could the plan have been better otherwise? Maybe. I’m not sure I saved time by opting out of activating the swinger and taking the head shot at distance, but it worked out. I felt like I might have saved time by only sending two at the swinger, reloading with retention, and finishing the stage without going to the 3rd magazine, but I can’t really be sure of that either. I would have really liked to run that one a few more times to be sure.

In the end, I had put in a respectable time made excellent by shooting it clean (no added points) and while the procedural knocked me out of the running for a stage win, it also wasn’t enough to keep me from finishing in the top 10, or 9 as it were.

Check-it out below, and let me know what you think I should have done differently, if anything.

See the fault line at POC1? Oops.
Nicest Casino I’ve ever been too!


  • Accuracy (Zero Down)
  • Shot calling.


  • Reloads
  • Smooth pace throughout the stage.

Needs Work

  • Transition speed on near targets.
  • Snapping head on wide transitions.
  • Getting far enough into a POC to see all targets in array.

See anything I need to add to these lists? Let me know!

Special thanks to Walther Arms for being the title sponsor, and Ruger for sponsoring the stage, adding themselves to a long and distinguished list of Sheepdog CCP Championship Supporters in the process.